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The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.
Elbert Hubbard

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What we do


Encompassing every discipline from partitioning systems, flooring and ceilings to joinery, lighting, electrics and air conditioning. Our fit-out capabilities create working environment that are as flexible as they are imaginative.


Projects can involve a full strip out back to shell and core, with comprehensive replacement of mechanical and electrical installations, new risers and central plant.Our work often involves alterations to base-build structure, we do routinely undertake alterations to base build fabric, such as new roof enclosures, new openings through external walls, and alterations to main entrances.

Change and churn

Many projects involve working in occupied premises – "change-and-churn" where business has to continue whilst partitions and services are reconfigured. The operational priority is zero disturbance to on going client business.

Our project teams are accustomed to these working constraints; they understand the response in terms of safety, cleanliness, protection and communication.

Builder's work

Refurbishment and fitting out can often involve remodeling and we are able to provide a full range of builder's services, including brick and block work, plastering, plumbing and electrical. Work can be both internal and external