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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein

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Enviromental & quality


We promote a fully responsive Environmental Policy, ensuring that, as far as practicable, all site materials are from renewable resources and recyclable. Our on Site Management teams, also police material wastage and waste removal. We specify, when purchasing disposal packages, a full waste separation policy and recycling regime.

All wastage policies are fully auditable and policed, using certificated contractors together with auditable records for each disposal.

Our head office continues the promotion, by ensuring that as faras possible, we utilise a paper-free environment, preferring to make use of electronic means forall document distributions to sub-contractors and Client/Consultants alike.


MK is proud of its attention to detail. We have a very specific goal; that of providing "defect free work" on all of our projects, for all of our clients.

Both our Board of Directors, and Senior Management agree, that if we would not accept the quality of workmanship, then we would not presume to offer it to our clients.